Maybe you arrived at this website looking for MOTOCYCO?

MOTOCYCO was one of our businesses.

Dave and Sandra designed, produced, and sold a variety of aftermarket motorcycle parts. For a time used the website to sell our parts.

Many parts were inspired by the “streetfighter” style of customized motorcycles. Streetfighters are customized stripped-down sportbikes made popular in Europe.

We sold parts to people all over the world.

Pictures of some of the products we sold.

Dragon Heel Guards & Grenade Reservoir
Knuckle Duster Brake Fluid Reservoir
Suzuki GSXR1000 customized with many of our parts.

We customized/built up several bikes. They were all featured in various magazines both in the USA, Europe, and Australia.


Brass Knuckle Heel Guards
Devil Heel Guards

We made heel guards for dozens of motorcycles in over 20 different designs.

Dragon Heel Guards


Triumph Chain Guard
Laser cut chain guard.

Body Parts

Fiberglass Tail Section – Bodywork.
Rapter Bike: GSXR1100 Team Suzuki Race bike turned streetfighter

Laser Cut Motorcycle Related Accessories

Stainless Steel Key Chain
F3i Guage Bracket
Honda F4i Gauge Bracket

Laser Cut Stainless Steel Parts

Stainless Steel Battery Box

BEACH CHOPPERS – Bullet Foot-pegs

Designed and made by Chris Rusch

These are just some of the products we made and sold during our MOTOCYCO years.

We no longer make motorcycle parts. But we do still have some heel guards and assorted other odds and ins lying around. INQUIRE HERE if you’re interested.

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