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Truck Camper, Travel, Off-grid Stuff

This is a fridge similar to the one we use.  The 65quart model we have is currently unavailable, but you may prefer this one as it has two separate compartments allowing you to use it as a fridge and freezer at the same time!

We use the fridge in our truck camper travels.  It’s been with us for thousands of miles.  The longest period of ceaseless use was 5 1/2 months.  We’ve always used it on 12-volt power with our 300 watts of solar & a 200 amp hour battery.

Video of this fridge on our YouTube Channel

We’re happy with this fridge and wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again.

Video when we first purchased the generator.

Video after owning the generator for over a year.

This Sportsman 2200 dual fuel generator is great for our needs.  We run it on propane when we’re traveling so we don’t have to carry gasoline with us.

We love this popup, screened gazebo.  When we were looking for a screened tent to take with us on our travels it was important to us that it was quick and easy to put up.  We’ve learned if something is too hard to deal with on the road we won’t use it.  This gazebo fits the bill perfectly.  You can buy more expensive units and I’m sure they’re great, but we have zero complaints about this unit.  Seems to be holding up very well for us.

Watch our updated video of one person putting this screened gazebo up in no time.

We have 3 of these panels on top of our truck camper.  We’ve been using them since November 2017.  We have no complaints.  They very nicely made units.

See our videos:


Renogy Charge Controller – No complaints.  We installed this with our solar panels on the truck camper.

This is a great little two burner stove/oven combo.  We love that it’s portable.  We use it in our truck camper kitchen & at home to cook outdoors to avoid heating up the inside of the house in the hot summer months.

See the video we made showing this unit.

This unit is similar to the one we use.  The exact model we have is no longer available.  The inverter allows us to charge our laptops and camera equipment when we’re on the road.


Vitamix Blender – If I could go back in time or send a message to my younger self one thing I’d let myself know:  DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH CHEAP BLENDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously….if only I’d have bought a Vitamix right off the bat.  This thing is a phenomenal machine.  We use ours several times per week at least.  It has soooo many uses.  Hummus.  Smoothies.  Soup (including making them hot).  Sauces, Mixed Drinks, Nut Butter, Chopping Veggies, Purees, Salsas…the list goes on.  Yeah…they’re a $400.  Yeah…they’re worth it if you’re into kitchen and food projects like we are.

Chef’n FreshForce Lemon Squeezer

Yay for this thing.  We’d gone through a few of the simple hinged kind of citrus squeezers.  They didn’t last long before the hinge broke and they were hard on the hands.  This one is a game-changer.  We have the yellow, “lemon” size one.  They make a smaller and larger one (green – limes, orange- oranges).  This one works fine for both lemons and limes.  It features a gear in the hinge area that really amplifies the force and makes it easier to squeeze.  Plus it seems much more durable.

We take a hand-powered coffee grinder with us whenever we travel.  As coffee snobs, we prefer to make our coffee from fresh beans.  The longer they’ve been roasted and/or ground…the less fresh flavor the coffee is going to have.  This one would be great for camping!

Continuing on with coffee….We use an insulated, stainless steel French press for brewing our coffee.  Having tried a variety of brewing methods, this is the one we like the best.  The stainless steel is durable.  Great for travel…no need to worry about glass breaking.  Also, the insulated unit keeps round two of our morning coffee warm!

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